September 6, 2009

The Exactra 20

I picked up this 1974 Texas Instruments calculator at a thrift store in Indianapolis for under a dollar. Curious to see if it was worth anything, I did some research, and learned some interesting information about the piece.

While building the props for the original Star Wars movie, the art department frequently scavenged parts from existing technology. The seven LEDs in the Exactra's display were used in the creation of Luke's first lightsaber.

The Exactra 20 and its predecessor the Exactra 19 were the only two calculators produced with this 7 LED array. As a result, the calculators are in high demand with enthusiasts and reproduction prop builders. This one will most likely end up on E-bay soon.

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Aaron said...

I sent you an email... I'd be interested in buying your Exactra 20 outright, if you'd like to sell it. Please shoot me a price via email if you are interested!