October 8, 2009

Yankee Bevels

"It is just that, a tool. It does not replace craftsmanship. It helps you do a better job, the right way." - Chester Rice

During his 50+ years as a boat builder, my grandfather developed a series of tools know as the Yankee Bevels. Although he undoubtedly used these in his own work for years, it was not until the early 80's that he began fabricating the tools and making them available to the public. They were sold primarily through a small mail order operation and at classic boat shows around New England, several of which I was lucky enough to attend with him. However, after his passing in the mid 90's, the Bevels and all related material, were placed in a steamer trunk and put into storage.

It was not until recently when I was contacted by Wooden Boat magazine did I consider digging out the trunk. Apparently, the bevels are still in use by classic boat builders throughout the area, and the magazine wants to recognize that. What started as a search for some old clippings and paperwork has turned into a full time project. Over the past month I have been digitizing, drawing, and modeling in order to launch a new website and possibly do a limited production run of my own using both new and old stock. For now, I still have much to learn, and will be detailing the entire process here in future posts.


Courtney L said...

love it. and you. and Chester.

Karl Bischoff said...

Hi Eric. thanks for posting. Please let me know when you are ready to start selling the Yankee Bevels. I am just starting a 30 schooner and would love to buy one.
Karl Bischoff
614 Boylston Ave. E.
Seattle, WA 98102