November 22, 2009

Research: Juke Joints

"an informal establishment featuring music, dancing, gambling, and drinking. the term "juke" is believed to derive from the Gullah word joog, meaning rowdy or disorderly." - wiki  Research for the blues altar, an upcoming project.

November 1, 2009


This year for Halloween I decided to head out as Tony Stark; billionaire industrialist, alcoholic playboy, and (not so secret) identity of Iron Man. The costume was based primarily on Robert Downey Jr.'s portrayal of the character in the recent film adaptation of the comic.

The main component of the costume is the "arc reactor" which in the film, not only powers the suit, but keeps Stark alive. Unfortunately, there are no commercially available prop replicas that would suit my needs, so I made my own using photos and movie stills as reference.

The reactor consists of around fifty modified and scratch built parts. The three LEDs in the center are powered by a battery pack which fit in my front pocket. An elastic material was used to secure the piece to my chest and conceal the wiring. I'll post some pictures of the final costume once my friends get around to uploading them.