September 8, 2010

How not to build a door.

I tend to create a lot of dust and debris when working. So in order to keep electronics and finished projects out of harms way, I decided to turn the smaller space off the back of my studio into a clean room. The biggest hurdle was the irregular shape and size of the opening (about 6'x9')

Other factors also played into the final design. I did not want the door to have a large footprint and take up valuable floor space. I needed something lightweight, and easy to open by myself. There are numerous pipes and conduit running throughout the ceiling at varying heights. I did not want to spend more than $25, and I had absolutely no plan when I started building.

Ropes strung throughout the ceiling meet at an out of service fuse box where I can control and tie off the door. Pulling down on the main rope, opens the door halfway, and allows for personal access. The remaining two ropes fully open the door and allows for passage of larger objects. The two blocks on each side of the door lock it snugly against the wall, preventing any dust from getting in.

I also built a rack to hold all of the wood given to me by my friend Robin of Peacock Taco. I'll be elaborating on that in a future post.