October 21, 2010

The Tornado - Finished

Here's some gratuitous shots of the finished sculpture. In addition to this piece I also assisted with the finish work on the barn. Under the direction of Jim Irish, the entire structure was rebuilt bigger and better than it had ever been.

The party was amazing with almost the entire town turning out. Both the sculpture and the film were very well recieved. There was a ridiculous amount of delicious food with pulled pork and ice cream being made on site, a live bluegrass band and even a red carpet. This article from the State Journal-Register includes a great description of the event and includes some history of the Pine Lodge Farm and the town of Elkhart.

Special thanks to Phil and Ruth Austin for such an amazing opportunity and congratulations to Tara Austin for writing and directing such an outstanding film.

My favorite part about Illinois; everyone is completely obsessed with Abraham Lincoln.

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