October 20, 2010

The Tornado

In August I traveled back to central Illinois for the premier of Funk's Grove, the independent film I worked on last summer. A huge party was thrown in celebration of both the movie and the rebuilding of the barn which was destroyed by a tornado shortly after we wrapped. I was asked to create a large sculpture to be displayed at the event, and remain on the property.

I played with several ideas before deciding that nothing would be more appropriate than to construct another large tornado and place it directly in the path of the actual funnel cloud. My justification being, that the piece would be partially constructed from the remnants of the old barn and other debris created by the disaster. I did have concerns that the hundreds of guests would be put off by the piece, not wanting to remember such a thing. Luckily, the response would be quite the opposite.

The final design stands 10 feet tall and consists of 11 octagons spiraling around a central post. The size of each octagon and its position relative to the post is determined by an exponential pattern of my own design. As you can see, I experimented with several different variations before deciding on a more robust funnel shape.

1 comment:

Wilson said...

i like your sketch with the white tornado on brown paper! Very handsome!